Saturday, September 12, 2009


I sometimes will have times when I get this overwhelming feeling God is with me and He gives me great knowledge. I got this feeling yesterday as I was getting ready to go walking with a friend. I was thinking, as I have been, about certain people who challenge me when it comes to my faith in the Lord.

I'm sure we all have people or situations that have challenged or tested or knowledge about our faith. I have been preparing for my next "encounter" by reading the Bible and praying more.

So I was praying and thinking about what I would say if my faith was the hot topic once again. Then I got this beautiful message...

Rain. Rain can be a great comparison to how we have faith in our Lord. The smell of rain and the clouds in the sky is like our faith in God. We know HE is around us because of things that are happening in our environment. The smell of rain is like no other smell. We know what it is and we don't question it. When someone's questions my faith it's like someone telling you, "maybe you don't smell the rain, I can't see it so it's not rain".

We can't see the smell of rain and sometimes it's even hard to see rain, say, when it's sprinkling. However, we know it's there or it's coming. As children we were taught and learned that rain is imminent when we see dark clouds, we can smell the moist air and feel the humidity change.

It's very similar to what we are taught about faith. We can't see our God currently but we can feel His love and sense his presence. When we are asked to prove our faith in our almighty God it can sometimes be difficult if people want a physical answer. They want us or God to perform miracles. Would they even believe the miracle? Jesus performed many miracles and some people still questioned Him. Statistically it will take 25-50 miracles or acts from God for a non Christian person to actually believe it came from God.

Matthew 16:4
"A wicked and adulterous generation looks for a miraculous sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah."