Friday, March 11, 2011

Let the Waters Rise

I was just listening to one of my current favorite songs.  "Let the Waters Rise" by Mike's Chair.  I think that song is so appropriate yet harsh for some.  Do you welcome the waters or do you run away??

In less than 3 weeks we've gone through an earthquake, a huge thunderstorm followed by a few days of a huge power outage, followed by our electric company workers going on strike, and now a Tsunami.  This is the 2nd tsunami I've experienced and feel we've been really lucky both times.  Times like this make you really have island fever.  All the what ifs.

However, all these things make me realize how powerful God is.  He has His hand in everything!!!  He is always protecting us.  Even though in the midst of the storm it sometimes feels like He places me in the desert, He is ALWAYS there.  With that I take great comfort.

We can choose to let fear become unbelief or we can set it aside and decide to trust God in everything.

I'm so thankful all our military members and families are safe tonight but we must not forget our brothers and sisters we lost and those that so desperately need our prayers right now.